Harlequin Class Action Settlement


A proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit has been reached between Plaintiffs Barbara Keiler, Mona Gay Thomas, and Linda Barrett (“Plaintiffs”) and Defendants Harlequin Enterprises Limited, Harlequin Books S.A., and Harlequin Enterprises B.V. (“Defendants” or “Harlequin”). Your legal rights may be affected whether you act or do not act. Read the Notice you received carefully.

The lawsuit alleges that Defendants breached a material provision in the class members’ book publishing contracts with Harlequin, thereby depriving class members of a portion of the royalties to which they are entitled for the publication by Harlequin of their romance novels as e-books. Both sides agreed to settle this case to avoid the burden, cost, and risk of further litigation. The Settlement does not mean that any law was broken or that Defendants did anything wrong. By settling, Defendants are not admitting any wrongdoing or liability. Defendants continue to deny all legal claims in this case. Plaintiffs and their lawyers believe the Settlement is in the best interests of all class members.

Under the Settlement, Harlequin has agreed to pay a total amount of $4.1 million, which will be distributed to qualified Harlequin novelists, after payment for the costs of settlement administration, Plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs, and service awards to the three Plaintiffs, all as described in the Notice.

Automatic Benefits You do NOT need to submit a claim form to obtain these benefits. They will be provided automatically.
Exclude Yourself You may exclude yourself from the case and retain your rights to start or remain part of any other lawsuit against Defendants about the conduct challenged in this case.
Object You may submit a written statement to the Court about why you don’t like the Settlement.
Go to the Fairness Hearing You may ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement.
Do Nothing You will receive the full benefits of the Settlement, and will give up your rights to start or remain part of any lawsuit against Defendants about its conduct challenged in this case or related conduct.

** These rights – and the deadlines to exercise them – are explained in the Notice. **


If you still have questions, you can call 1-800-231-1815 toll free, email info@harlequinsettlement.com, or write to the Claims Administrator at:

Harlequin Class Action Settlement
c/o GCG
PO Box 9349
Dublin, OH 43017-4249

Please do not contact Defendants, their counsel, the Court or the Clerk’s office.